Back from the clouds.

Just realised I haven’t updated my website for nearly a month now.  Not one, but two newly published works are missing from it.  I simply don’t seem to have the time!  So, tomorrow morning early I have to rectify:  ‘Dreamcake’ is just back from Kindle offerland and must be mentioned, while ‘Julian Parfitt Attempts World Domination’ is a piece of short fiction that is absolutely vital to me, because it is my first real attack on comedy.  Everyone tells me I should write comedy – well, now we’ll see if everyone is wrong!  It’s a 99¢ piece and less than10000 words, so no-one need suffer too expensively or for too long.

Which brings me round once again to my favourite hobbyhorse – genre.  I find myself constantly resisting the path to romantic fiction, despite the pile of evidence that this is my metier.  Faintly salacious, or, in ‘Dreamcake’s’ case, a straightforward romp from beginning to end, with a touch of suspense, a dramatic corner or two along the path.  ‘The Butterfly Man’ continues to be my best-selling book, and I really should make an effort to present it to publishers, but I find myself (completely illogically, because I enjoyed writing it) procrastinating and hoping events will take another course.  I can’t explain, probably shouldn’t try, but it would be so good if I could write comedy!

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