I am forced to the conclusion I have a serious deficiency in my mental make-up.  Alright, those who know me will confirm that and register no surprise that I should at last be compelled to accept it:  but it is new and something of a thunderbolt from my point of view.   I throw my hands in the air – I confess.  I just do not understand Face-book!

I do not understand, for example, why it seems to refuse to show me my own completed page – even if I had completed it yet, which I haven’t.  I don’t understand what it means when it wants me to ‘Share Something’  – what, cake?   Or why it asks me to put something on somebody’s ‘Wall’ .  The last time I put anything on anyone’s wall was when I was a kid and I got chased halfway around the village because of it.  Once I offered a critical comment upon a news item about a psychopathic serial killer, only to find I was accredited with a ‘like’ – which, incidentally, was completely impervious to any attempt on my part to correct it

I think – I hope – as I struggle with my business site, that if I am careful enough, if I spend enough hours of research in the British Library, I may at last get  a profile that represents me, rather than a stereotype Face-book modified to suit me.   I hope, yet I am anything but confident.   Watch my ‘Wall’ for me, could you?  I need another icepack.