I am Cara


‘I am Cara’ is on free promotion on Kindle this weekend.


Cara (not her real name) came into my life briefly a number of years ago.  She was an athletic, determined sprite of a girl whose confidence brimmed over into everything she did, and her ruthless pursuit of success spawned a character.

At the time I had been reading or watching a series of different post-apocalyptic books and films, none of which seemed to me to come to grips with the reality of life ‘after the bomb’.  I wanted to explore the aftermath not a few days or even a few months, but a hundred years hence.  I wanted to pick apart a society in decline with wolves loose on the streets, when the highway was once again a dangerous place and the fabric of technology had broken down.   And if I just added one more condition – that the essential balance of reproduction had been disturbed so no male children were born – I had a plot!

Women are the survivors – why?  Because women are.  A world populated entirely by men would annihilate itself in a decade, but women – women would carry on clinging to the planet hoping help would come.  Maybe it would, maybe not; there would always be hope.

Into my plot comes Cara, survivor extraordinaire, with a set of morals which means she will need the motorbike she has built for herself to be fast!    She has no romantic purpose in pursuing the man, one of the last of his sex, because he has no romantic potential; but she quickly discovers that others have interests in him too – an elderly lady called Madeleine and her friend Laura, who were once members of a society known as the ‘Regan Sisterhood’, and an enigmatic figure from their shared past — Icela Claverne.

Is the story exploitative?  I trust not.  It certainly isn’t intended to be.  Does it contain sex?   Well, yes, some:  doesn’t every novel nowadays?   Does it contain violence?   Certainly.   Whatever complexion I might place upon a society living in an age where law and order have broken down, there must be a violent aspect.   Mostly, I just want it to entertain, and that, I absolutely trust, it does.


One response to “I am Cara”

  1. Sounds intriguing. Congrats on its release. Already downloaded it from Amazon today and will add it to my ever-growing queue. 🙂


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