The Scripts that Time forgot

Occasionally, when I’m in ‘Rooster Mode’ I scratch among the dust of my old files for things I wrote so many years ago I have forgotten all about them.   I found this today, which I guess was a batch of notes for a speculative or Sci-fi piece that never got written.  It deliniates a social structure for some future world and time when rigid regulation emcompasses all aspects of life.   Bear with me, if you can…these are exactly as I ‘scribbled’ them!

Waystationer – one who lives among the ‘High Stations’ of sky-dome.  A vagrant. 

Vipeen – once a skilled exponent of one of the ‘visual arts’, someone who now lives entirely from the proceeds of public appearances, publicity, participation in Vipeen shows, etc..  Anyone who excels at anything can, in theory, become a Vipeen, but they must be interesting and personable.    To succeed, they have to perpetually attract attention to themselves, create new interest – be outrageous, step outside the relationship structure, etc.. 

The relationship structure:

 Meeters – just casual acquaintances, for whom no formal relationship has been sanctioned. 

Deepmeeters – those for whom affection has developed.   Deepmeeters rarely maintain this status for long, before becoming…. 

Lovers – before sex, both participants must freely post a consent message to control.   After, if they wish to have sex again, they send a ‘green’ signal – if not, a ‘red’.   Neither partner is required to personally inform the other of their choice (although they often do).  Control will do that, and also scrutinize the record of perpetual ‘Redders’. 

Redders – the sexually untouchables.  This status can only be removed by Control, though the dialogue with the subject is quite informal.   Redders can be re-educated to make their sexual behaviour more acceptable, or, if that is impossible, they can be sterilised. 

Greeners – this is almost as derogatory a term as ‘Redder’ – someone who has short relationships, never proceeding to the next stage. 

Livin Elect – couples who have agreed to live together.   After two years, they become….. 

Livins – Couples who share accommodation, as well as a sexual relationship.   Only Livins may apply to become…..

Childers – parents.  Strictly controlled, to maintain stability in the population, only Livins whose progress through the other categories has been smooth and well documented have a chance of rapid acceptance:  others may wait years for Control to issue a Child Order.  Children may be ‘born’ – where the female parent carries and delivers the child – or ‘Semin’ – cultured separately from the parents.  ‘Resets’ are children whose families ‘destruct’.   They can go to Livins whose applications to be Childers are long-term.   This process is overseen by Control. 

Exlivins – those whose relationships have failed – can return to the top of the relationship tree.   However….

Exchilders are automatically Redders, with a difficult rehabilitation process before them. 

Sociocoms – the foot-soldiers of Control.  They have free entry to any Livin relationship, and are largely unregulated.

Is this so far from where we are now?   Anyone care to suggest other categories?  All welcome!

3 responses to “The Scripts that Time forgot”

  1. OMG! I’m laughing so hard that I have to type this comment instead of dictating it. My voice recognition software doesn’t have a “laughing so hard” setting. lol


    1. You have voice recognition software? Respect!!!


      1. I’ve been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for over ten years now. This latest version is the best ever!


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