Mine is only one voice, but I do know this. We live in a world where the still small whisper of sweet reason is not heard. And we have such need of reason!

It seems to me that politics will never cure the American obsession with lethal weapons; that those bombasts who cunningly disguise their greed behind this strange romance will never be swayed from their pinnacle unless the people themselves initiate change.
To me, from the privilege of distance, the answer is to shame and alienate those who carry guns – to ostracize gun ownership in the same way as smoking or alcoholism. Both these latter addictions were deeply embedded in our cultures, both have (slowly) acquired an anti-social tag. Is it too much to hope that one day whole towns will be gun-free? I seem to remember from my folk history a certain US Marshal who had a similar idea, so it isn’t new. Again, to me – this is opinion and nothing more – a gun owner living anywhere near a school should attract the same stigma (and attention from the law) as a paedophile. He certainly would in my town.

The argument seems to be that it is not the gun, but rather the person holding the gun, who is responsible. True. But there will always be such people. You cannot eradicate mental illness, especially in a society that generates so much anger, so much alienation. You can limit that person’s power to destroy, by taking the most demonic of instruments from his hands.

Though it may be a hard road to travel the destination must be worth the trip.