This is hard to say.  It is hard because, as a writer, I am filled with self-doubt: a lack of confidence which will make me read and re-read this sentence because I am secretly afraid that what I say is nonsense.

Only if you as a reader appreciate the anguish of creative writing can you possibly know how much a good review means.  It lets the sun through the curtains, it brings warmth and it brings solace.  It lends reason to the madness.

So thank you.   Thank you to Carrie Rubin, to O.G. Tomes and others who have been kind enough to read and review my work.   



And I wish I could thank Elle L. for her great review of ‘I am Cara’ (which I only just picked up, incidentally, because it was given in the UK site for the book).

Now, back to the plot……

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