My family tolerates my addiction to TV quiz shows.   I have no real excuse for it; most of the trivia I absorb from those mindless hours passes straight through the open windows of my mind into the firmament beyond, but some things stick.

For instance:  today I learned that frogs have teeth!

That stuck!

I mean, some frogs are quite big, aren’t they?   Suppose  they all got together, or something?

Draining the pond would become a completely different proposition.

All those childhood hours spent by the side of the stream with my jar, happily catching tadpoles, little knowing what danger I was in?

Imagine the embarrassment, having to check in to casualty with a bad case of frog bite!  Maybe that’s why the statistical evidence is so difficult to track down.  Perhaps that’s why no serious cases have been reported – yet.Image

But I believe in evolution.  I believe Mr. Darwin got it right.  And out there, somewhere in the darkness, frogs are evolving.   They are coming to avenge their children.  The night of the lily-pad is drawing near….