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I have too much of it!
Mellifluous music, softly played,
Honeyed voices, whispering.
Bird song attuned to silence
Garden wars, life and death in hushed tones
Whispering wind in hushed groans
Among timbers old where beetles creep
Among stones cold where old ones sleep
Around mullioned windows glassless
Unseeing from the ruin of ages
Among dusty books by dusty sages
About the hordes in contemplation
About the words that inspire my nation
No longer.
Abandoned – like principles
Like honor.
Like love.
In the corruption of silence.

Give me noise!
Give me voice and proclamation
Give me passion and inspiration
March as one
March for freedom of expression
Call it loudly from your rooftop
Shout it boldly from your platform
Play it harsh in raucous chords
Sing discordant honest words
We are but one stop on the journey
A visit briefly to our planet
Which may not blink as we pass by.
Leave your message for tomorrow
Pass your word to those who follow
That we may not be lost forever
Forgotten in the silence.