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“I think he’s magnificent!” Morwennah said.
Jack looked into her eyes and saw dewy devotion oozing through the mascara. “I suppose he does have his points….”
“Look at the grace, look at the nobility of that high forehead, the sanguine depth of wisdom behind those eyes! I just long to run my fingers through that thick hair. I get such joy from touching him.”
“Please! I’m trying to eat my breakfast. Rice Krispies again, and not even the brand name now. They’re so hard to get down.”
“You never refuse to eat.”
“Would I? Don’t imagine I like this stuff. I just appreciate the need for food, that’s all. Remember the old days, M’enna. Remember the old days?”
Morwenna nodded. She came to Jack and took his head between her hands, coaxing him to see into her eyes. “Of course I remember, darling. We all remember. I worry about you, Jack. You seem to be living in the past more and more, and I can’t break through to you. You’re not happy, are you?”
“Don’t waste your concerns on me.” Jack smiled at her, spitting out a few Rice Krispies. He was considerate enough to give his mouth a quick wipe before he kissed her. “I’m fine, really.”
“I’m dying to touch him!” Morwenna exclaimed. “I simply must! If he will only let me stroke him like he did last night…”
“You be careful. I don’t believe he’s in that good a temper. He doesn’t always appreciate being touched, you know that.”
“Really?” said Morwenna, unconvinced. “Do you think he gets a charge out of seeing us kiss? I swear he smiled.”
“Darling, they don’t smile. That’s an expression of anger. Now come away from him. I’ve an idea about these curtains.”
“Or fear. It can mean fear!”
“Don’t be stupid! Why on earth would he be afraid of us? Look at the size of him!”
“All the same, we have to take care of him; look after him.” Morwenna said. “Don’t pull the curtains – you know he doesn’t like it.”
“Of course. He’s our responsibility. Listen, M’enna, can you hear something?”
“Oh, no. You don’t catch me like that.”
“I think I hear something….”
“You’re teasing me!”
“I think I hear….”
“No, please?”
“I believe I hear the……postman!”
“Oh, no, stop me-e-e-e! POSTMAN! POSTMAN! POSTMAN!”
“Me too.” Cried Jack. “postman! POSTMAN! POSTMAN!
“He’s growling! He’s coming! POSTMAN! You’ve angered him now!”
“POSTMAN! Quick, behind the chairs!”
“Under the table!” Morwenna dived for cover, nearly taking Jack’s feet from under him. “Hurry! You’ll get smacked!”
“I’ve stopped, I’ve stopped!” Jack protested, cringing. “See, I’ve stopped.”
“He’s going out. He’s going out, now, and he isn’t going to take us. That’s your fault, Jack; you annoyed him. I want a walk, Jack. I need my walk!”
“Never mind. Stay with me, and we’ll have a brilliant tug-of-war game with these curtains.”