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The Sirens of Brussels


A word from Divvin (that’s an English County next to Zummerzet and just down the road from Darsit, if you’m wonderin’).

Now, my Darlin’s, ‘tis like this.

Other wick we had a vote, see?  ‘Twas like ever’body got to ‘ave a say about how us felt ‘bout the immigrants an’ that, an’ we all turned out and we told ‘em, no uncertain fashion, like, what us thought we ought to do.  Leave that there Eurpoe Onion thing from the Brussels!   Yes!   An’ it turns out we didn’t want nothin’ more to do wi’ no Onions, and ‘ow we wanted to go out by ourselves.  Aye!

Well, turns out we were wrong, see?   ‘Cause all these ‘ere thinkin’ people says we should stay in, an’ ‘ow we faces certain ruin if we don’t.   An’ we says to ‘em, see, it was a Democratic Decishun, but they say that don’t count, ‘cause apparently they won’t get so much money if us makes ‘em leave, and they won’t be able to live in they there nice London apartments no more, or travel around this ‘ere Eurpoe to get better jobs, and stuff like that.   They says we bin lied ter, an’ un-screw-pew-lus people, they led us up the garden path, an’ that.  We jus’ voted ‘cause of the immigration, see?  Aye.

So they goin’ to change wha’ we want to what they want, and that’s o’y fair, ‘cause we’m jus’ ord’nary people, and not great and good like they are.

So, seems to me that all these ‘ere clever people, they on’y peddle that there Democracy to us when they want us to see things their way; and if we don’t, then they got to twist it about until we do.  Lawyers, and Ac’demics, and that, they knows what’s good for us, don’ they?  An’ learned people, they thinks we’re too thick to unnerstand ‘bout Eurpoe.

See, I voted ‘cause I didn’t think that there Onion was goin’ anywhere.  I thought that my country is what serves me a livin’ an’ not none of the Brussels.   They’m got strange money that they keeps printin’ with no vaalue behind un, they keeps poorer countries strugglin’ for a livin’ an’ it’s not long afore we becomes one of those, if we stays in, like.   They keeps takin’ our money and givin’ us less back than what they takes, they makes rules we can’t keep up with, and my sheep dip’s more ‘ficient at keepin’ out the nasties than their immigration pol’cy.  They destroyed our fishin’ ind’stry, they put the cost of livin’ up for all of us an’ they make us tax things we shouldn’t, don’t they?  And we can’t take so many people!    Now, that’s not racist, nor nothin’, but us got a dooty to house and keep the people we already got.  It makes sense, see?  If my neighbour, he don’t put no fence up,  his sheep gets all mixed up wi’ mine an’ they overstocks my land while I feeds ‘em for ‘im for free.  Seems simple sense to me.

But there.  I don’t know nothin’.  I may know the price of livestock an’ ow to run a business, but to you they ac’demics I’m jus’ the peasant who’s ‘pinions you thinks you can ignore – I’ll jus’ tug my forelock as I passes you by and you can try to forget it’s me who does all the work, who keeps your nicely feathered beds stuffed an’ makes your country run.

So, talk your way into believing you are doing the right thing in trying to overturn the will of the people with your contrived arguments and Machiavellian tactics.   Buy your politicians and your expensive lawyers; pay the media to find a case for you to make.  But if you do, and you succeed in contraverting the will of the people you will finally write the obituary of  British democracy, and prove the lie you have been trying to disguise for so many years.

And I, at least, will stand against you, tooth and claw.  And I will never, whatever ‘democratic’ compulsion you thrust upon me, mark a ballot paper again.

10 responses to “Eurpoe”

  1. Jane Sturgeon Avatar
    Jane Sturgeon

    Clever writing Frederick…it’s an unexpected outcome and now look at the political disarray. Not one of them willing to stand and carry forward the will of the majority. The Tower falls….


    1. Fascinating, though, is it not, how little able these 21st Century brokers of power are when confronted with issues that transcend national boundaries? I wish I knew how it will finally be resolved.

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      1. Jane Sturgeon Avatar
        Jane Sturgeon

        It’s beyond belief isn’t it, what is unfolding and no, I don’t think anyone really knows how this will unfold. There just seems to be a mass scrambling to get clear of the mess.The 21st century brokers of power have failed to grasp the refugee crisis and it has been Germany who has shown true compassion.


  2. Excellent post, so well written as always! Such a familiar story, as we face similar troubles here in the US. Ordinary people are sick of it, but what to do when your government is run by spoiled brats who only want what benefits themselves, who have no moral center, and to whom laws apparently do not apply. I don’t know where my country is headed, but it seems no place good. I cheered when Brexit passed–a spark of historic defiance, a sign that there might be some sanity and common sense left. A hope even, that we might have the courage to do the same over here in whatever form that takes. I’ll be watching across the pond, to see if the will of the people stands, or if it is twisted into something else more palatable to the politicians and academics. So keep us apprised of what the “thick” ordinary people are thinking and doing, because I don’t trust that the media will.


    1. I fear the next generation even more. I have met at least one aspiring politician and it was not pleasant. As for our current troubles, I can say at least one possible worst world scenario has been avoided. Boris Johnson will not be our next Prime Minister – he isn’t in the fight. Now you have to deal with Trump….

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      1. Yes, a horrifying prospect. We get to pick between a criminal with no morals or integrity, and a narcissistic con artist. How did it come to this? I keep praying for a miracle, but I’m not holding my breath.


  3. Love it – well said..


  4. I’m horrified but not surprised; you did a great job with the “simple” folk’s lingo so that it read well. My husband says that all politicians should be assigned and then given a mandatory goal sentence after their term in office – I assume that he is joking.


    1. Either way, whether in office or in gaol, we seem to end up paying for them. We have another potential jail-bird on our hands right now, with the ‘Confessions of Blair’. Having a hundred thousand dead Iraqis on one’s conscience is getting into Hitler territory!


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