I Don’t Mind

Great little poem! From Debtadema’s blog…

Debtadema's Blog

I don’t mind the blowing snow

If it’s not biting cold

I don’t mind the slippery ice

If it’s not on my road

I don’t mind the driving rain

As long as I can see

I don’t mind the lightning strike

If it’s far away from me

I do’t mind a little breeze

And won’t fear the swaying trees

I don’t mind when it’s too hot

If I can find just one cool spot

I don’t mind the big ice berg

I will watch them float on by

I don’t mind the drifting sand

That disappears with the tide

I don’t mind the sudden storms

As long as it’s not harming

I don’t mind the upset seasons

But I do mind this global warming

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2 responses to “I Don’t Mind”

  1. I too can deal with a lot but enough is enough…

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