Torn down by the Mob

For those so far uninformed, I have this footnote to add to my post of two days ago. ‘The Public are Cautioned not to Feed the Sharks by Hand’.

Welsh Labour Minister Carl Sargeant, who was suspended last week for ‘personal conduct’ (the exact nature of which was never disclosed to him) has been found dead.

I wonder which part, which limb, or which fragment of someone’s sacred dignity he allegedly so offended that it carried the penalty of death without trial?   I wonder who, at the hub of this vicious, unfeeling, mindless rumour mill might have a little trouble in sleeping tonight?

I find myself helpless in fury, because no matter what the circumstances of his demise may be, there can be no doubt the heartless way he was treated must have played a major part.

My respects and condolences to Mr. Sargeant’s family.  May they find peace.

2 responses to “Torn down by the Mob”

  1. I share your horror of shark bites, Frederick. They are deadly poison.

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  2. It’s not the bite that kills, it’s the poison.

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