Let’s Discuss Nationalism.


Particularly, let’s talk about Britain and its relationship, or its lack of a relationship, with the European Union.

Examine the validity of arguments for a United Europe, a ‘New World Order’ and its associated myths.  Internationalism is an ideology, not a possibility.  Discuss.

I am an English national who voted to leave the European Union.   This will not be a surprise, given my opening comments.  That I am an older voter is self-evident, that I am therefore by definition senile is a judgement I would hotly contest.

Am I nostalgic?   No.

Do I want to return to days of Empire and solitary glory?  No.

Before the Treaty of Maastricht and its love child, the Treaty of Amsterdam, I had hopes of becoming a ‘European’.  I declared myself as such – I gladly espoused the cause of world unity and I saw the promise of a slow, careful expansion of common interest as nations across the continent joined hands.

What happened?  A hijacking.  Overnight, the bureaucrats moved in; unelected, and with no mandate from the majority in the member states.  Overnight, almost, the original twelve member states became 27; rapidly and without planning.

I am a sentient human being who recognises that:

a:  political structures headed by bureaucrats do not work;  and

b:  A ponderous union of 27 countries many of whom have virulently hated each other’s guts for centuries, who share no common language, cannot be patched into a cohesive whole by anything short of a miracle, and miracles don’t happen.

I haven’t won the lottery yet, either.  The odds stack up about the same.

The dream died.  It died at Maastricht.


Do I want to live in an independent, dynamic Britain, free to take its place in the world?  Yes.

Do I want to see the people of Britain determine the future of Britain?  Yes.

On a conspicuously memorable date in 2016 the government of the day, conscious of a steadily rising swell of discontent, decided to actually ask the voters – real people – if they wanted to leave this bloated, federalist EU.  They said yes.

It was an unexpected answer – it sent shock-waves through the pseudo-intellectual metropolitan elite and shook the putty from the windows of those who actually score from having no boundaries between nations, the big multi-national corporations, the financial institutions, the academic community, and the criminals.

So accustomed have our politicians become to manipulating public opinion, no-one in the ‘Westminster Bubble’ believed that an outbreak of common sense could happen.  Once they realised it had happened, they set in motion the biggest campaign of mud-slinging and deliberate scare tactics I think the British public has ever seen.

They galvanised a sympathetic media into action.  They compiled a small dictionary of gloom, utilising terms like ‘falling off a cliff’, ‘walking blindfolded into catastrophe’ and ‘the disaster of a no deal’ and fed it to the press pack.

A BBC reporter or presenter could no more omit a deleterious ‘Brexit’ reference from a news report or general interest item than they could appear in the month before Remembrance Day without sporting a poppy.

The Prime Minister managed to shelve the whole thing for nearly two years and then set in motion a sort of wheedling apology that masqueraded as a negotiating approach to the EU bureaucrats – a tactic meant to imply that the ‘leave’ voters were either deluded old fools or naughty children who hadn’t grown up.

The harsh truth I would wish you to consider is:

Those whose weeping and wailing is the loudest heard are those who represent the fatted calf of corporate capitalism, the big bonus guys, the golden parachute guys.  The industrialist who charges you thirty K for a car he made for 3.5 K, the multi-national producer of the incredibly shrinking candy bar, the purveyor of lorry-loads of sheep on three-days-long journeys from nation to nation in conditions that are conspicuously cruel and will only end in their slaughter.

The point I want to drive home is one for the little guys, because crushed beneath the thirty-stone arses of these corporate slobs is a fresh, vital queue of business wannabes who, given their chance to shine, can secure the future of this vibrant land three times over.   Britain has the ideas, the resources and the sheer talent to succeed far, far better on its own than as the member of an asset-stripping club like the EU.

We have so much to offer the world, and a world ready to listen to what we say.  We have the right to enact our own laws, to fish our own waters, to retain tax owed on British sales, and not have it leeched from our system by Luxembourg, or Dublin.

I beg you to think, as I have thought, about where your loyalties lie.  Sadly, all Europe ever wanted to do with our country was raid it for its natural advantages.   The truth of the European Federal State is that it is a leaking, institutionally corrupted hulk desperately in search of a sandbank to stop it from disappearing beneath the waves.

Leave them to it.  Become British and become proud of who you are.  Demand that those for whom you voted do your will.

Just leave.



9 responses to “Let’s Discuss Nationalism.”

  1. Yay for you Frederick. Such things had to be said and you put them beautifully into words. Probably the only thing I would like to add at this juncture is that wanting to go back to the days where we followed our own laws and handled our own money ( far better than the EU)is that wanting to retain our Britishness does not mean I have a dislike for any other Country or it’s people. As always I am happy to welcome those over here who want to work and live here for they may possess skills we don’t have.Nor am I afraid to welcome the dispossessed, and refugees as the UK has always done only I would prefer to set our own limits and not have them dictated to me.There comes a point when we and our services can be overwhelmed. The Benefits system is not limitless.
    I’m always happy to trade with Europe but not just Europe.II’d be happy to leave free movement open provided we have the right to decide from where as some of the new EU ex Communist bloc countries have been given the right to move but offer nothing in return and I’m not being racist when I say our Capital has seen crime waves created by gangs of organised shoplifters and those who commit fraud.

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    1. I agree, David – we want, as does every nation, workers with skills we lack, and to reserve the right to refuse when our resources are stretched beyond their reasonable limit. I wonder if our masters sometimes forget that immigration figures are exponential. Bringing a family of two into the country who then have two children, and so on.
      We do ourselves a disservice, however, if we bring in workers simply to take advantage of their lower pay demands, and we should never forget that a worker from a foreign land will, very reasonably, be sending much of what we pay him back home, rather than adding it to our economy. Interesting to see how few EU workers DO actually remain, or want to become British. The borders are fairly clogged with departing EU citizens at the moment.

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      1. The perfect view – Immigration is needed but should have its limit.

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  2. From over here in the US, I just don’t get the EU. I thought they were an economic coalition but they’re now taking over everything. And doing away with nationalism. I’m silently rooting for you, Fred.

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  3. Interesting to hear your perspective on this, Frederick.

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    1. I didn’t expect this to gain me many fans; the truth seldom does.

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  4. I’m with your eloquent thoughts on this one, Fred. What a shambles and yes, please, for the love of all that’s balanced, can we just leave. Hugs, my buddy, as always. xXx

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    1. It occurs to me, you couldn’t write the ‘Brexit’ story, could you? No-one would believe it. Hugs, Jane!

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