‘Summer’ is here!


I’ve been away for a while, so I’d better explain some stuff.

My ‘write as you go’ serial stories (two so far) have proved popular reading on this blog and I want to do more, but time management is a problem.  I want to prepare those finished titles;  ‘A Place that was Ours’ and ‘Nowhere Lane’ for publication as books, revamp my Kindle page and to start experimenting with a vlog – three projects which, against the background of other summer commitments, demand rather more hours than my day can provide.  So…

Up comes the serialised version of my book ‘Hallbury Summer’!

‘Summer’ is a thriller that has enjoyed very little exposure, yet it is one of my favourite pieces of work and deserving of more.  Here is the ‘blurb’:

Beneath the blistering sun a village sleeps, while unheard and 
in a dark place a woman is ritually murdered.
Hallbury will remember the day Joseph Palliser came home.
Emma who loved him when he left ten years ago would discard her marriage to be with him; the furiously independent Sophie could so easily fall victim to his feckless appetite. But Joseph has secrets neither can know, and he has only to turn over a stone or two to find the village has secrets too; secrets that are dangerous to learn.
Hallbury Summer is a tale of a serene English village, a village with a primal, lethal heart. 
It is a place where Joe Palliser perfectly belongs.

Beginning from tomorrow, an episode a week will be available to read here, completely free.   I will be serialising the whole book, so I hope you won’t think of this as a ploy to persuade you to buy the original, but there will be certain differences in the blog edition; I will not, for example, be able to follow the original book ( bit.ly/Hallbury ) chapter for chapter – the episodes will be adjusted so each provides a hook to the next.   There are also one or two semi-erotic passages that will have to be moderated a bit!

So, tomorrow, then!  Barring computer crashes or other natural disasters, ‘Summer’ will be here.   I do hope you’ll join me!

10 responses to “‘Summer’ is here!”

  1. I look forward to it. Somehow I got lost in your last one and could not remember from chapter to chapter who was who! Maybe this time my brain will be a little sharper.

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    1. That wasn’t you, Amy. ‘NowhereLane’ was a very complicated plot that probably was not suited to serialisation – I confess I got a little lost myself! I hope when the novel is edited as a whole I shall be able to rectify that in the editing.

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      1. I am glad it wasn’t just me! My brain does not retain things like it used to, and a week between chapters is a challenge. Even when I am reading a book at home every evening, I often need to go back and read a prior chapter to remember who the characters are and what was happening.


    2. I did too, & didn’t have the time or patience to keep going with it.

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  2. I am super excited that you’re planning on making your last two titles into published books. I’m already in line to buy them when they’re available, and my blog is waiting to spread the word when you’re ready to promo. I really hope you will do the same with some of your short fiction and cobble a number of stories together into a book. This is so exciting, Frederick!

    And, naturally, I look forward to your new serialized novel. Bring it on! Your audience is waiting! 🙂

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    1. Hi Mae! When it comes to promo I am hopeless, so thank you – I would appreciate that. The short story compilation is already in being as an ebook under the title ‘Black Crow Speaks’ but I am not entirely happy with it. The print version is completed – all I have to do is persuade Amazon that I own the material because they have found it ‘elsewhere on the internet’ – which must mean here, I presume! Very early days, these, for my adventures into print. The prices don’t exactly excite me, but still – soldiering on!

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      1. It’s awesome you’re moving ahead with these books. I love the title Black Crow Speaks. I remember your Black Crow stories very well (some of my favorites). Keep me in the loop as I want to purchase ecopies of everything an I want to promo them on my blog., Don’t worry, when you’re ready, I can help you cobble something together 🙂

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        1. Thank you so much, I’d really welcome that. I am refreshing and re-thinking a lot of things, and right now I have to go back to the paperback version of ‘Black Crow’ becauuse of some odd PDF signatures on my MS. PDF signatures? I never use PDF! It’s all right, I’ll sort it. 🙂

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  3. Looking forward to it Frederick! 🙂

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