We hope it will look seamless…

But we all know it rarely is…

Today with shaky fingers I cut my ties with frederickanderson.wordpress.com, packed everything into two small battered suitcases and migrated to


I am assured by WordPress that those who love me will automatically follow me on my journey, but in case you don’t and you find yourself bereft, that’s the button to press.

This, of course, is what quarantine will do to a man: stimulate rash decisions, hasty moves, acts of extravagance. Nevertheless, here I am. If you are moved to pity I beg you, please visit me still? Just once in a while? You will find me


and contrite…

11 responses to “We hope it will look seamless…”

  1. As if I could leave you? Congratulations on your courage to embrace change, my creative buddy and ‘hats off’ to your intestinal fortitude in setting your new site up, as it looks great. ❤ Always x

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    1. Thank you, Jane. Change is a stimulant to me, especially when I am as sight-impaired as this technology leaves me. I am becoming many-faceted; you know, like the stone in my wife’s engagement ring she still thinks is a diamond…

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      1. Oh Fred, you are a caution and the jig is up if she reads your blog! ❤

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  2. Congratulations on the undertaking and the move. Of course I am following!!

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    1. Thank you Mae. I have applied for a drinks license.

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  3. Do we need to subscribe to this new blog? What made you do this?

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    1. The truth is, Amy, I don’t know! If it’s any help, I notice these comments have come up in the new site, so that augers well, at least. As to why, I think I want a ship I can sail without so many rocks in the way – I want to branch out, cover a wider range of subject matter. Oh, and I have been told by the Memsahib that since I spend so much time blogging, I’d better start making some money from it – although I don’t know how realistic THAT is! Blessings!

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      1. OK, I will check it out and see if it comes to me by email.

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  4. Looks like the vortex sent me to your new place with little damage or confusion.

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    1. Yes, thanks Andrew – we were just saying…

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