When the Customers Don’t Count at All…

For once, I’m at a loss to know where to begin!   Where DO I begin?

Let’s start with this.  A couple of weeks ago I was rushed to hospital after suffering severe blood loss, which eventually needed a transfusion to stabilize.  The treatment was calm, assured, and apparently successful because, buoyed up by all your good wishes (thank you so much!) here I am.

BUT while I was being admitted I was given a ‘test’ for the COVID virus.   It was done in Admissions, and it consisted of a long ‘cotton bud’ thrust through my mouth into the back of my throat.  It barely made contact with its target, only serving to induce a gag reflex.   No nasal swab was taken.

Since then I have done a little research and from all I have read it appears to me I was given a PCR test, one reliant upon nasopharyngeal sampling.  Really?   I have also learned that this test method is subject to a wide margin of error – when it is done correctly.  I don’t believe mine was.

Twelve hours later I was informed my test had proved positive, on the basis of which I was transferred to the hospital’s isolation ward.  This set in train a minimum of ten days of self-isolation for myself and fourteen days for my wife.   

Neither of us has exhibited any symptom of the virus

There’s probably a very good reason for that.  We weren’t – aren’t, in all likelihood – infected. Apart from a couple of proprietorial SMSs reminding me I was infected and it was my ‘duty’ to self-isolate, I’ve heard from no-one since;  Sylvia, however, received three ‘phone calls checking up on her.  

Maybe it’s because we are over seventy and ‘retired’ we are expected to have nothing better to do than wait for the next communication from the Thought Police.  Maybe we are expected to take whatever the system decides to deal out to us and remain docile.   Maybe that is why it is okay to give us such a flawed procedure, because we won’t have a means for complaint.

Ungrateful, am I?  No.  My emergency was dealt with efficiently.  I had a real illness and that was brought under control.  

Irresponsible, am I?   Again,, no.  I did self-isolate.  Although I never felt ill, I did undergo the marginal worry that catching something like this would almost certainly imply a death sentence.

Worried much more because there are figures being thrown about the media which are founded upon data produced by this test, and no-one seems to care.  When, in the hospital, I asked about the efficacy of the test, I was told it was ‘the best we’ve got’.

It isn’t.

Last week, testing was made available to all the citizens of Liverpool.  On the last figures I heard, out of 90,000 people tested, 336 returned a positive result – that’s 0.37%, considerably less, I imagine than would have been revealed by similar testing for say, influenza, or pneumonia.   The differences?  A different test,   known as the Viral Particle Test which, without going too much into ‘the science’, is much more accurate.  What is more, the sampling was conducted by the military, who, we are told, ‘are much more accomplished at these things’!

So, yes, I am very worried.   We are being told (not asked, told) to accept flawed data that affects our lives.  Small businesses are being starved of their life-blood and employees are being sacked.  People who have worked hard for years, towing the ‘duty’ line and saving to buy overpriced houses are likely to be forced onto the streets, their relationships broken, their children’s growing years disrupted irreparably, and why?

No matter how many times we are told otherwise, the horrible truth keeps revealing itself: we are all incidental to the grinding, merciless imperviousness of the establishment machine. We are sources of finance, no more than that. Only when that sources dries up, do we become important.

In the business of the United Kingdom (and probably of the United States, too), the customers come last.  

5 responses to “When the Customers Don’t Count at All…”

  1. Frederick. You have no idea how happy I am to see you ranting today. ♥️ I was so worried about you.

    I was listening to a podcast about that man who got sacked by the PM’s baby mother (who is apparently now running the country) and decided to have a photo shoot on his way out the front door. What a pompous man he is. Does he really expect the public to care that he has lost his cushy overpaid job with benefits? After that fiasco?

    These people never fail to disappoint with their hubris. They lack humility, which is why they have no problem destroying the economy while sobbing into shirt sleeves about how hard their lives are.

    Many of my friends have small businesses, so I see the problems. As a society, we make the sacrifices asked of us and we are prepared to suffer in silence but those people, they will never have enough. They don’t care about us.

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    1. Hi! And thanks for your concern! I’m fairly hard to break. Here’s where I get into real trouble. I am not a Royalist, so for all its failings I favour an elected head of state; not because I think the pageantry is a bad thing, but the tiers of society we build up around our monarchy promote all those traits you so accurately describe. We have a ruling class, no member of whom has the faintest idea what it is like to lcarve out a living in the real world. Thank you for reading and commenting – I’m afraid I do rant a bit!

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      1. Rant away! I like. 😭♥️🌹

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  2. I hope you have recovered from what you were initially admitted with. ❤
    I am 100% with you on the reliability of the data we are being told about.

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    1. Thank you for reading. The actual illness remains swathed in mystery, but a sufficient amount of mechanical intervention is planned for me to exact a cause, so I look forward to tucking into my barium meal with relish!But, of course, that has to be preceded by another test…


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