To Molinaphoto885 and whomsoever else it may concern…

I have been accused in my ‘Contacts’ page by the above addressee of infringement of copyright on an image or images on this blog. The email sought to direct me to a site wherein, it said, there would be references to the material in question. It did not give me direct references to the image/images. or the articles in this blog where they are purported to have been used.

I will not open links sent to me in communications of any kind, unless they are from trusted senders. Any information which requires action from me must be included in the text of the email, or other communication, itself.

I never intentionally breach copyright, to which end it is normal for me to use sites that offer material free for commercial use. There are plenty out there to choose from. If I unintentionally display copyrighted material, the copyright owner need only contact me as stipulated above and I will immediately remove it. I have no wish to offend.

My attempted response to this accusation will not ‘send’ to the email address supplied – it is refused by the server, which makes me think I am justified in treating this as a scam. I may be wrong, and if I am I will happily apologize to Monica at Molinaphoto885 as soon as I receive the relevant information, including an email address to which I have the right of reply.

If I am not, this is a warning to all my blogging friends out there of a possible scam I have not encountered before. Maybe you have? Please let me know!

6 responses to “To Molinaphoto885 and whomsoever else it may concern…”

  1. Fred, I got two of these. I manage a number of websites for my day job and two of the sites got the same info on the contact pages—from two different senders. Every image I use I’ve purchased licenses for, so I know it’s a scam. I worry if someone does actually click the link in the email it could end up loading ransomware on their computer. These hackers really need to get a life. Good share!

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    1. Thank you for the information, Mae. I strongly suspected a rat, but it’s great to have reinforcement! It’s new to me – yet another net spreading in my direction…

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  2. This is a scam making its rounds. Just ignore it.

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    1. Thank you Amy. The more we know, the stronger we become…consider it ignored!

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  3. Sounds like a scam to me, you’re correct in not clicking on the links. It’s easy for scammers to discover and send an email though the WordPress contact form. I get a number of wacky messages through the contact page. Few are real.

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  4. Thanks for the confirmation, Andrew. I know its not even a new lesson, is it – if we leave any door open, something undesirable will come in…


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