About Frederick Anderson

Frederick Anderson, hellfire and brimstone humanist, writer and purveyor of prime cuts of healthy common sense.

Writer? A gift for which I am sometimes paid and often not.  

Location? I fell off the train in sunny, draughty North-Eastern England, and sort of stayed.

History? Where do I come from and is it remotely interesting?

Schooled in Exeter and broken in a little town called Wiveliscombe (yes, that’s right – the locals call it Wils’combe) in the southwest of England,  then drama college and a whole lot of different ‘businesses’ – I’ll call them that – mostly they were just devices to keep the wolf from the door:  some worked, though.  Some did.

Beliefs?  Humanist, which basically means none. My faith is founded entirely in human nature. Please don’t try to enthuse me with the Christian message, it’s wasted on me.  Ditto Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, et al. Man is master of his own fate and the price is paid here on Earth, not in some imagined paradise.  That’s enough of that.  I rant a lot.  Bad habit.

So here we are.  I write copious amounts of drivel which I hope some will find amusing, absorbing, sympathetic or provocative.  I can’t focus on any one thing.

I do this for pleasure, not profit, but if you like what you see and think I could help you in any way, please hit on the contact page.  Any emails should complete their purpose in the body of the text.  Enclosures won’t be opened.   Thanks for taking the time to read about me – y’all come back now, y’hear?

A book is not a vehicle for my personal opinions, my politics or my unbeliefs.   A work of fiction is an escape.  A work of fiction is a story.  Some of mine are on the right.  Click on the icon to be whisked away to the wonderful land of Kindle, where I’ll even let you buy it, if you’re good!


9 responses to “About Frederick Anderson”

  1. Hello and thank you for visiting and following “mon petit blog!” I like yours too; you have an engaging writing style. I look forward to reading more!

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    1. Thank you! I like your blog too. Welcome aboard – or something like that.


  2. Hello Frederick! I have been given the Liebster Award, which means I get to nominate 11 other bloggers. I really appreciate your writing, and I’d like to nominate you. Participation is optional. Thanks for being an awesome blogger.


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  3. Hi Frederick. Like your about me page especially the photo with you and your lovely dog Honey. I remember you commenting on my blog when we adopted Koko. You know what ? you were right he does rule our life to an extent.We even have to go to bed at 11-0’clock prompt ,how do dogs know the time? He knows his walk times also and much more ,he is so intelligent. And as I said before well behaved so a pleasure to have. What age is Honey ?

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    1. Hi Rita! I’m ashamed – I didn’t discover your comment sooner. I have summer excuses. Honey? Lovely? Seriously? Honey is a lovely dog (I think I am permitted to say that) and as she is not present at this moment (she is camping out beside the bed trying to prise my wife from it) I can reveal her age, which is 6. You know I think I owe her another blog, because there is so much I haven’t revealed, like her very selective choice of companions. Some she barks at, some she loves – unfortunately my sons are on the bark and maim if possible list – and some she completely ignores. This extends to passers-by, making me think there are certain characters out there she’d be perfectly happy to admit. They could rob us blind, as long as she liked them.
      The timekeeping thing is amazing. Like Koko, Honey insists upon bedtime, also knows TV signature tunes and relates them to activities, and has now learned the word ‘walk’ in three languages. I’m sure she would talk if she could; she certainly makes noises in that direction.

      Health and long life to Koko – the time passes so quickly. I often wonder at how tragically we under-estimate the intelligence and loyalty of dogs. Those who have never owned one miss so much in life.

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  4. Thanks for you nice reply Frederick. Yes, please put another post on your blog about Honey. She sounds adorable, and so like Koko who I swear would go off with anyone as he loves people. which amazes me because, as I said he was a rescue dog who had been dumped. Animals are so forgiving aren’t they.

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  5. Would you be so kind as to guest blog post for my site? if you’re so inclined, here’s a link to general guidelines: https://wp.me/p6OZAy-1eQ

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    1. Thank you very much for the invitation. I’ll try to respond with something, but please give me time! Life is VERY full at the moment!

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      1. anytime will be great 🙂

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