The Weekend Iconoclast

In this morning’s reconstruction of our literary heritage, Humbert Humbert is in gaol, together with his creator; Jude has been sectioned under the mental health act, Mr. Rochester has had corneal implants, and Jane Austen can’t find a publisher, ‘Tropic of Cancer’ has been selected as next year’s set book for ‘A’ level English.

2 responses to “The Weekend Iconoclast”

  1. I missed reading ‘Tropic of Cancer’ I feel deprived. I did read I believe it’s called Airconditioned Nightmare by Henry Miller. I actually really enjoyed it and was surprised at how visionary it was.


  2. I’m going to admit now that ‘Tropic’ is the only Henry Miller book I’ve read – and the only reason I read it, in my juvenile way, was for the ‘rude bits’. Well, frankly, after I’d done that there wasn’t much book left. He’s a good writer, and so shamelessly biological, I can imagine I’m missing something in not exploring him further.


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