I Don’t Normally Give Book Reviews, but…

If I try to buy a Kindle book from Amazon.com (because I was linked to it there, or simply because I discovered it and liked the look of it) I am politely but firmly advised to make my purchase on the Amazon.UK platform.  Now I understand the probable necessity for this approach – it may have to do with taxation, or other legal restrictions – but it also occasionally means I cannot buy a book at all, because it is not listed in UK.  Most importantly, to me, I cannot give my feedback anywhere but the UK platform.  My review will not appear to buyers in US.

I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed ‘Cusp of Night’, the first of three books in the ‘Hodes Hill’ series by Mae Clair.  It inspired me to give a five-star review, which subsequently appeared on the UK site, but not in the United States.  Now this is a great book and essentially a very American book, so I would say its international appeal is an added testimony to its accomplishment:  opinions influence sales from wherever they may come.

‘Cusp of Night’ does not need my approbation; it has already deservedly attracted 39 excellent reviews from its homeland, but for the sake of transparency Mae Clair’s readers should also be aware of a further five five-star reviews of her book from my side of the pond.   Here, in case you are in danger of missing the book, is my review:

The Most Exciting Action Finish I have Read in Years  

It may not be entirely a coincidence that Maya Sinclair, after a motor accident that so nearly took her life, elects to move to Hodes Hill; nor may it be just a quirk of fortune that she decides to rent the old brownstone house at the corner of Chicory and River Road, close to the alley where Charlotte Hode’s young life was so tragically ended, a century ago.  The house has ‘history’ her neighbour tells her; a truth the house itself is swift to confirm when the clock hits 2.22am.- The Cusp of Night.

Mae Clair’s book is the story of a town unwilling to forget – her heroine comes to live here at the time of the annual Fiend Festival when townsfolk commemorate Charlotte Hode’s death by dressing up as the fiend that butchered her.  But it turns out the butchering is not entirely consigned to history, for in the course of the celebrations a very fiend-like attack takes the life of at least one reveller.

Before she has time to unpack in her new home, Maya becomes involved in the complex affairs of the Hode family and the tragic story of Lucy Strick, the beautiful Blue Lady.

Mae Clair weaves a skilful and extremely readable tale of mediums and mayhem in a very frightened town.  She attacks the familiar totems of money and power with relish and leaves me wanting…well, I guess you’ll know the feeling, when a book is so absorbing you can’t bear reaching the last page, because you want it to continue just a little longer?   Like that.

Which is why I am about to begin reading the second ‘Hodes Hill’ book…

6 responses to “I Don’t Normally Give Book Reviews, but…”

  1. well written…thanks for share

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  2. Excellent review! I’m a big fan of Mae’s work and have read and enjoyed Cusp of Night. I liked the second book even better.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand Amazon’s logic on reviews. US reviews go out to Amazon UK and other sites, but not the reverse.

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  3. I also loved this series.

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  4. Oh, my! I am just resurfacing after vacationing in the northern U.S.. What a delight to find this fabulous review. Thank you so much for sharing. But even better than that–I am thoroughly jazzed that you liked my book, Frederick. This review, and the thought of you continuing with the series has me breaking into a Snoopy dance (a habit of mine when I become giddy, LOL).

    Amazon is the pits when it comes to allowing reviews across platforms (a pox on that), but you made this writer of fiction truly happy. THANK YOU!! 🙂

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    1. Here I am imagining the Snoopy dance! There’d be a GIF to go viral! It’s a great book, and I only wish I had the savvy to give it the publicity it deserves, but anyway, ‘End of Day’ is on the tablet and I’m enjoying it just as much. MF!

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      1. I do enjoy my Snoopy dancing, LOL.
        And now I am breaking into yet, another. 🙂

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