My Diary…

I don’t often try ‘journal’ type blogs.

What’s the matter with me – too proud?

No, it’s simply for lack of material.   My average day is comprised of

Get up

Feed dog

Feed me


Feed me

Wri…  well, you get the picture.

This week, not so.  This week, things happened.

This week, out in the world, Myanmar fell back into the clutches of a military dictatorship as evil as any in the modern world.  They have corrupt fingers in their country’s coffers, they imprison and probably murder anyone who stands up to them, and they persecute Muslims.  Usually it is possible to make some excuses for strict or violent regimes, but not in this case.  They are an abomination.

Bernie Sanders kept turning up – on park benches, in TV sitcoms, sitting alone in vast marble halls…

This week – February 2nd – was Candlemass.   The day that the child Christ was presented at the Temple, apparently, although I don’t go for that stuff so much;  more importantly it was Groundhog Day!


If Punxsutawney Phil had been dragged out of his box in my town he’d have borne witness to four inches of snow – how many shadows that qualifies for I don’t know, but I think another 40 days of winter is kind of optimistic, as it goes.

More importantly still…

This was the day of my first Coronavirus inoculation!

It proved a very professional process that took no more than fifteen minutes, didn’t hurt and has had no negative effects, either physically or mentally.  As a member of a vulnerable group, I  numbered among the first 10 million UK citizens to be done, and I got a suss-tiffy-cate and ever’thing!   My wife does not receive hers until Saturday, which must mean, for future reference, she’s less vulnerable than me (I pointed that out).

A week or two ago I underwent a ‘procedure’ (I love that word!) at our local hospital and I have to say this:  whenever I’m fed third-party accounts of hospital preparedness, staff shortages and treatments they always seem to dwell upon negatives.  They vie completely with my personal experience, which, for the most part, has been extremely courteous, well-intentioned and informed.  In these troubled days medical staff display a great deal of forbearance, valor even, in handling the load of diverse work we pile on them.

And, of course, treatment under the National Health Service is FREE!

There we are; a journal post.  I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t done it now, but I’ve written it so I’ll put it up before I change my mind.

A Bientot!

5 responses to “My Diary…”

  1. There was a mix of good, and bad, lighthearted and depressing last week when it comes to what was happening in the world.

    Wnen Punxsutawney Phil came out of his box we had a foot of snow on the ground. And that ground hog resides in my state! We’ve still got piles of white stuff everywhere.

    I’m glad you were able to get the vaccine. I will be in the last group to be eligible so I don’t expect I’ll see the chance until summer or fall at the rate things are progressing in Pennsylvania.

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    1. Young, you see? Healthy, you see? So you don’t need the jab to stay upright, like wot I do. Oh, youth: it’s so depressing! 12 inches! How do you get around? Snowshoes? Skis? Seriously, though, there’s such an outburst of nationalistic fervor over here at the moment its hard to breathe. Even poor old Captain Tom popping his clogs couldn’t turn the mood downwards at the moment. Inane or insane – journal entries – I promise I won’t do this again. Thanks for reading, Mae.

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      1. Well, actually I’m hoping you WILL do it again. It was interesting. Oh, and I felt bad for wonderful Captain Tom. He was such an inspiration.
        As for young, those days are behind me, but I do try to stay healthy 🙂

        Everything shut down the day we had that much snow. When it’s that deep we sit tight and wait for the plows to go through. I don’t want to see them again this year!!

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        1. I suppose it’s a good thing about UK, that four inches of snow was virtually all melted by the next morning! It rained then and it’s still raining! More snow next week, the forecaster promises with a confidence he does not truly feel. I hope you keep warm the hatches battened down, over there in Pennsylvania, until this grey old season passes. Glad to hear you’re well. Keep safe!

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